About Us

Founded in 1968, our company was founded by our company Kamil İlhan. While working in the shoe industry for 47 years, in 1990, the name of Geronimo was branded in the shoe sector. As of today, we are in the world markets with our Geronimo shoes brand with 70.000 pairs of shoes and 30.000 cottages. We export mainly to Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Balkan Countries, Central Asian Republic, Gulf Countries, North Africa and Middle East (Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Iran). Geronimo Shoes sales are made in several elite stores in Turkey.

We care to make our brand known worldwide and to be among the world brands in the shoe sector in our line. We continue to work in untapped markets.
We continue to work in order to provide a comfortable and comfortable shoe to the customer. We are a company that gives importance to health on comfortable shoes. We use natural materials and leathers in our products.